Pollo Campero – Latin Specialty Restaurant Opens in Kenner

The New Orlean area’s first Pollo Campero has opened, bringing the top taste of Latin America home for many residents and introducing a bold flavor to the city that loves its chicken.

The restaurant is located at 2810 Williams Blvd, in Kenner, La. Owner Hiren Shah and general manager Gustavo Chavarria is proud to bring the signature taste of Pollo Campero to the city that embraces big flavor.

“New Orleans has a thriving Latin American population. El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, and Pollo Campero’s home country of Guatemala are all well represented. We know people are going to love the delicious taste of Pollo Campero,” says Chavarria.

Chavarria was born in Nicaragua and moved to New Orleans with his family when he was two years old. Before teaming up with Shah, Chavarria worked at his family’s restaurant making tacos and burritos. The two men started working together nine years ago with Shah’s International Market and International Wholesale Club.

The men’s shared love of international food is what first attracted them to Pollo Campero, a brand that has brought the true taste of Latin America to the entire globe.

Founded as a small family restaurant in Guatemala in 1971, Pollo Campero quickly grew to become the world’s largest Latin chicken restaurant chain. Now, it’s embraced by more than 85 million people worldwide every year.

The restaurant chain is famous for its marinated grilled and fried chicken, which is hand prepared exactly the same way it is every day in Latin America using a signature blend of Latin spices.

Pollo Campero is also known for its Campero beans, flavorful rice, crispy yucca fries, and sweet plantains. Pollo Campero’s hard-to-find Latin specialty drinks are fan favorites and including the horchata, tamarindo, and guava.

The new restaurant brings up to 45 new jobs to the area. Chavarria hires workers of all ages, from students to adults, and looks for people with bilingual skills to serve every facet of the community.

A grand opening party is being scheduled for the upcoming months. The celebration will be a VIP event with tickets given away through radio contests. There will be a band as well as radio station in attendance, and the lucky ticket winners will enjoy free food and giveaways.

“New Orleans is a chicken town, and Pollo Campero makes the best Latin chicken there is,” says Chavarria. “We feel like we’re making history in bringing the restaurant to this great city.”

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